Nancy O'Dell

Tom Cruise. Keanu Reeves. Garth Brooks. Leonardo DiCaprio. Robin Williams. The list of men in Nancy O'Dell's life reads like a who's who in Hollywood, not to mention who's hot. But before you start thinking this beautiful woman is on a romantic crash course, her intimate chats and sweet kisses with the men of fame is all strictly business. Nancy is the female anchor for Access Hollywood, one of television's most popular entertainment reporting shows. Complete Woman turned the tables on Nancy, putting the professional interviewer in the hot seat to learn what goes on when the cameras stop filming.

What You're Afraid To Tell Your Doctor

It's embarrassing to talk about your bathroom habits. Somehow saying words like "diarrhea," "constipation" and "bowel" cause us more pain than the actual symptoms we might be experiencing. If you're the one in the one in every five Americans who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, though, it's time to stop blushing and start talking. We know it may not be easy, but Complete Woman is here to help by arming you with the basic information you need...